Embrace Creativity: Pottery for People with Special Needs

Discover the joy of pottery, where creativity knows no boundaries!

Our pottery classes warmly welcome individuals with special needs. Crafting with clay is a therapeutic and inclusive experience, offering a world of self-expression, relaxation, and social engagement.

In our supportive environment, you'll find patience, encouragement, and the freedom to explore your artistic potential.

Pottery enhances fine motor skills, boosts self-esteem, and fosters a sense of accomplishment. Join us and connect with a community that values your unique abilities, and create beautiful ceramics that reflect your individuality.

Embrace the art of pottery, where everyone's creativity is celebrated.


Come join us today!


If you would like more information about we can offer to help you or someone you support, Emma our experienced and DBS checked tutor would be glad to discuss your needs or meet with you. Please get in touch through our contact page.


What our students say about our special needs sessions

My son has been coming to Emma and Penny’s Pottery Studio for sometime now.  Both Emma and Penny have made us feel very welcome and relaxed there.


My son has A.D.H.D. and mild learning difficulties but from the very first session he was completely at ease in Emma’s 1 to 1 hand building clay sessions. 



Emma is a wonderful teacher with a real understanding of his special needs.  She has inspired him to make a number of different items – a hedgehog, a tortoise, a mug, an Ammonite bowl, a cereal bowl and a soup bowl.   Emma has taught him all the necessary techniques in hand building and it is a delight to see his enjoyment, the look on his face and the work produced.  He looks forward to each weekly session and I can see how much he enjoys it. Deloris

I really enjoy coming to your pottery sessions.  It has been great making lots of things with clay – a mug, bowls,  and a tortoise.  You always explain what to do very carefully so I understand what to do and then I do it.

Emma, you really understand my needs and because of the way you have been teaching me I have found an activity which I feel I am good at and  I enjoy doing it. 


The highlight of my week is coming to the pottery for my 1 to 1 session with you. I am looking forward to continuing it for some time to come.  Thank you.  Patrick