Carantoc Art

Discover the World of Pottery at Carantoc Art

At Carantoc Art, we're more than just a pottery studio; we're a family-run creative haven nestled in the heart of Weston-Super-Mare. Our passion is pottery, and we're excited to share it with individuals of all abilities and ages through a diverse array of courses and captivating ceramic creations.


Established in 2015, Carantoc Art is your gateway to a world of artistic expression. We cater to everyone, from beginners taking their first steps in pottery to seasoned artists looking to refine their craft. Surprisingly, most of our students start their journey with little to no pottery knowledge, but that's where the magic happens!


Our beginner sessions provide a solid foundation in hand-building, throwing, and decorating techniques. As you progress, you'll be amazed at the incredible projects you can undertake. Rest assured, you don't need prior artistic talent – we believe in nurturing creativity and helping you discover your hidden potential.


But Carantoc Art is more than just pottery; it's a welcoming community. Our students often describe our studio as a relaxed and friendly environment where they not only learn a new skill but also forge lasting friendships. Join us, and embark on a creative journey that promises not only beautiful art but also beautiful memories.