About us:- Meet the team

Penny Price - Owner, Tutor and Artist


In 2009 after a successful career in IT Penny decided that she wanted to change direction and concentrate instead on developing her artistic skills.


She returned to college and in 2015  successfully completed a BA in Art and Professional Studies with a first through Bath Spa University.


Her passion throughout all her career has been in training. She loves to be able to see the look in peoples eyes when they "get it" and discover their own potential for taking an idea or skill forward. So having left college she setup a company in Weston-Super-Mare in a studio converted from a large double garage offering a range of art related courses.


At college she discovered a love for ceramics, it satisfies a need to express her creativity yet also has a technical element that fascinates her. 


 She has been developing her skills in using a potters wheel but her passion is in creating sculptures related to the natural world mainly built using traditional hand-building techniques in many of her clay creations.  

Hannah Price - Tutor and Artist

Hanne graduated from Art College in 2011 and after a spell working in retail now works in Carantoc Art as a potter and assistant.

Hanne specialises in glazing and throwing techniques and also assists in classes providing advice and instruction in the use of the 100+ Glazes, slips and oxides that are available for students to use.

Emma Hartley - Admin Assistant

Emma has always enjoyed drawing and painting since school but never had the opportunity to work in a creative setting. At home she is a keen crocheter and a Mum of 2 energetic young girls.


Emma does a number of roles in the Pottery including assisting with classes, managing our charity fund raising for our Charity of the Year and general admin  She also enjoys making her own pottery creations and definitely has the bug! 

Ember - Head of Security and Fly Catcher

Ember is the studio dog.

She is a very shy mongrel but she will come rushing out to welcome everyone to the studio with barking however she is not vicious and will want to be ignored until she decides to make friends, a process that is speeded up with treats!!

During the classes she sleeps quietly at the back of the studio. 


Mr Tiggs - office supervisor

Mr Tiggs joined the team in December 2017. He has lived in several homes before coming to us. He is however a happy, friendly chap (most of the time) who likes to check up on what you are doing and possibly help you with the odd paw print in your work.