So much going on that I have had to create a new page for the blog this month!!

What a month!


There has been so much stuff going on this month that I have been very neglectful of my blog, so thought it was high time I brought it up to date.


Classes have been going well with a number of new people joining as well as having to say farewell to a few old friends for whom life has got in the way of pottery.


I am running about 10 classes a week covering all sorts of skill levels of pottery as well as art. I do have some spaces but on the whole the classes are well attended and it has been a good month for Carantoc Art.

Developing my ranges

I felt it was high time that I settled on creating better versions of just a few of the multitude of things I have been making over the last year. To this end I have created an online portfolio of just nine ranges of things that I will work on developing for a commercial market.

Getting some drawing in

In between everything else I have been doing some drawing. I do this to relax although I am also developing some that I can use to make colouring in greetings cards. My main concern though is that this market is nearly at saturation point so I don't know how far this project will go.

Studio development

Its been a busy month for changes in the studio. Never one to be entirely happy with something I have been adding and changing things.

I have added a number of new and exciting glazes to my collection and am now running out of wall space for the test tiles as well as shelf space for the glazes!

The big kiln has been joined by a little one so I can do test firings as well as try out lustres and transfers.

The middle table and coffee area have been recovered with new waterproof fabric which is much nicer than the old stuff that I was using and makes the place brighter. 

Next month look out for my new sign which will be going high on the house wall so that people will no longer be able to miss me as they drive past :-)

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