Coronavirus Update

20th March 2020

At the present time we seem to be living in a sort of bad dream that we all are hoping we will wake from shortly. These are very scary times and everyone at Carantoc Art is hoping that all our community of potters stay well. At the moment we intend to continue running our regular classes until the weekend, which will be the end of the current term. 

Hanne is a lot better today so whilst she will continue to self isolate I no longer think she has the virus.



The studio will be thoroughly cleaned regularly. We understand though if people decide that they feel it would be safer to stay away at this time.

Plans for the next Term

The situation is changing on almost an hour by hour basis so we are considering a number of options for next term.


Booking Self Isolating Studio Time.

We are thinking of opening the studio to our regular students to be booked for a an hour long session on their own using the equipment and clay. In between sessions we will sanitise the studio and tools that have been used. It will give you a chance to get out the house for an hour.


Pottery Projects

We may be offering homework kits along with project sheets for things t0 try at home. The kits will include everything you need to make the project (clay, slip special tools) although we may also guide you to developing your own tool kits for home potting.


We are also keen to hear if you have any other ideas about how we can continue to offer access to pottery during this time.