Wholesale Price List June 2021

We sell the majority of our products to gift shops and galleries across the UK. If you are outside the UK, please email us through our contact us page.

All of the pottery we sell is hand made and decorated, we do not make any pottery using a mold so every piece is unique and sizes may vary slightly from those listed.

 We manufacture pottery to order so please allow 4 weeks for order to be shipped. 

Prices exclude shipping costs.

Placing an order

Please download order form and email to sales@carantoc-art.co.uk Minimum order value £100 plus shipping

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Plain Highland Cows

Description:- Small ceramic Highland cows, each cow is handmade and totally unique. Supplied in a mix of colours unless otherwise requested.


Size:-5cm By 11cm

Colours:-Rusty, dun and brindle

Minimum Order:-10

Price per item: £12.00

Special Highland Cows

Description:-Ceramic Highland cows, a mixture of colours. Additional features such as flowers, flags, owls, robins etc.


Size:-5cm by 11cm

Colours:-Rusty, dun and brindle

Minimum Order:-5

Price per item: £15



Description:-Ceramic puffins, finished in a variety of glazes. Hand made so all measurements are approximate.


Size:-4cm by 8cm

Colours:-Standard Atlantic puffin colours

Minimum Order:- 5

Price per item: £12

Plain Seagulls

Description: Ceramic seagulls with character. 

Handmade so all measurements are approximate.


Size:-4cm by 8cm

Colours:-Grey, white and black.


Minimum Order: 5

Price per item: £12

Seagull with Chip

Description:-Ceramic handmade seagull. With an ornamental chip hanging out of his mouth. 


Size:-4cm by 8cm


Colours:-grey, white and black.

Minimum Order:- 2

Price per item: £13

Puffin Dishes (Open)

Description: A small dish with a puffin on side. Finished with molten glass in bottom to look like water.

Size: Approximately 5cm by 7cm

Colours:-Rustic and blue glass


Minimum Order: 3

Price per item: £14.00


Description: Glazed hedgehogs suitable for the house or garden.


Size: approx. 9cm

Colours: Brown

Minimum order: 4

Price per item: £13


Oxide finished small hares. Suitable for inside or out.


Size: Approx 12cm to top of head plus ears.

Colours: Brown

Minimum order 3

Price per item £20

Shetland Ponies

Size:- 8cm By 11cm

Colours:- Natural colours.

Description:- Miniature Shetland ponies, finished in natural colours of glaze.

Minimum Order:-5




Breed specific sheep made to order (10cm by 8cm)

Minimum order:6


Rune Tumblers

Size:- Holds approximately 250ml and roughly 9cm in height

Colours:- Varying colours.

Description:- Ceramic tumblers hand carved with a inspiring message written in Anglo-saxon runes finished with a variety of glazes.

Minimum order:- 10